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You've GOT to Coordinate!!!

John Witherspoon's comedic genius was unmatched.

The goal of the comedian is to take an uncomfortable truth and make it palatable enough to find amusing. So in the iconic scene in "Friday" when he showed the extent of how far he would go to coordinate his outfit, he highlighted a very uncomfortable truth for most people:

Most of us have no idea how to coordinate.

We move disjointedly through our ambitions under the misguided assumption that things won't work right if it's not us doing it. Now, it's true that things won't go the way you planned, however who's to say what you planned was as good as you thought? The only way you can experience the joy of discovery within something you master is to allow someone else who is capable to do it. Only then can you find the new within the old.

You know who gets coordination? These guys:

The power in numbers lies not just in the sheer volume of individuals but in what each brings to the table. How it is utilized is the catalyst to success and failure. The ants pictured above know their roles and stay within structure to accomplish any task they focus on. What allows them to focus is coordination. With a task delegated to each one, any obstacle they face can be overcome (except some kid with a magnifying glass...they're kinda beat on that one).

If the smallest amongst us can achieve mighty things with coordination, why can't we?

Maybe Pops was on to something.

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