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The Power Of Your Thoughts

We've all heard the old adage "Mind Over Matter"...but what does this really mean?

Upon surface inspection, it implies that you can use your mind to overcome matters in your way. If this is accurate then it means that anyone has the ability to make obstacles move with the strength of their thoughts.

Let's look a bit deeper, though. Instead of the surface value, let's put it in a literal sense and see what else it shows us:

From this perspective, the concept implies some of the same truth...that the mind is over matter. In this visual representation, however, it illustrates how your mind hovers above all of the matters of your life. It lords over the concrete reality beneath you and refuses to be tethered to anything tangible because it's, well...above it.

So how do we anchor our thoughts to the physical world in order to manifest our dreams?

It starts by first understanding the actual power of your thoughts, especially when they manifest as words. Since I was a child I was advised to watch what I said since my words had power. Over time this proved itself to be true, whether this was a positive or a negative. I noticed that when I vocalized my intentions, thoughts and desires they would manifest before my eyes. I began to understand why when you put letters together you "spell"...since you're forming the words that will become your reality.

For businesses the mission statement is the best representation of how you cast a spell for your brand, since it is the corporate's thought process and intentions. When deciding what words to choose, the focus should be on an outcome that is sustainable by the magic you plan to bring to the world. They should be words that reflect what you want to see internally as well externally for your brand.

To do this you must have the honesty to gauge what your brand can do, then have the discipline to commit to the actions needed to hold your brand accountable.

The results will astound you.

And that's a bit of magic no business would mind.

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