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What, Me Worry?

"Faith and Fear cannot coexist, for where there is Fear there is no Faith and where there's Faith there can be no Fear" - Alfred E. Neuman

Okay, so maybe the iconic Mad Magazine spokesgoof didn't utter those words but it can be inferenced from his catchphrase that titles this piece. By his airheaded decision to never give credence to things that can have a negative outcome his adventures were abound and his life was as full as he makes it.

That isn't to say there's nothing to worry about.

As people, there are more than enough things in our daily lives that we have limited control over that has unfavorable conclusions. All are valid to the holder of hose concerns, and no persons problems outweigh another persons. The reason is that the events of our lives that shaped us as well as the individual's mindset typically dictate how a person deals with these stressors (nature vs nurture).

Worry has the value of allowing foresight and guiding the planning process. It's what helps you eliminate potential aggravation by utilizing the experience of yourself and others to guide yourself through the murky waters that every person navigates.

It's value, however, is a bit overstated.

A buddy of mine once uttered some of the most sage advice I ever received in this life. I was worrying over something that I prepared for yet I had little control over the outcome of. In that period as I lamented my possible fates to him, he laughed uncontrollably at me. I asked why my dire straights amused him so, to which he replied:

"Worrying is like paying on a debt that may never come due. If it does either you got it or you don't, and either way you know what to expect. So what's the point?"

I had no answer to that...because he was right. Misplaced energy is the greatest debt we place ourselves in, and the most vampiric is worry. Once the general outcomes are determined the prevailing pathways to achieving them are revealed.

At that point you commit to a course of action. Even a course of inaction is an action because it has it's own outcome. So once the course is determined the destination is clear. It's now solely about your efforts towards that outcome that influence the results.

So if energy is best placed where it can be utilized at it's fullest, then putting it into faith makes more sense. Especially if that faith is based in the abilities, judgements and efforts of yourselves and those you've come to rely on daily.

You also have to have faith that if you made it this far in life that you can make it a little bit farther. There was already numerous things in your life you didn't think you could make it past that you made it to just to make it to this point.

So don't you worry about a thing.

Because every little thing is gonna be alright.


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