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The Art Of Getting Started

One of the greatest challenges any venture or business faces is simply getting started. To the untrained ear this may sound like the resources you need, the direction you need to go, or the people you need to know to "get started". The untrained ear is only partly correct, because it isn't accompanied by the trained eye...which sees that the hardest part is simply deciding to start.

Making that decision may seem like a difficult one filled with logistical nightmares that make creating a beginning daunting at best. What most fail to recognize is that the moment the decision was made to not get started, something DID get started...the death of your idea.

Ideas take lives with action only. Inactivity is akin to salting the fields before a seed is sown because it ensures that nothing will grow and you will have no harvest. That is the foundation of the continuation of individuals remaining where they are. The chains that create stasis and bind dreamers to the realities their imagination fights against is the inability to get started.

The first step IS to take the first step. The step that follows it will inadvertently lead to more steps, and all those steps take you closer to where you are going.

If you've taken the 60 seconds to read this far, congratulations on taking your first step!

Now take another.


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