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Seize The

So, you've finally made that leap of faith.

You jumped off the cliff of indecision and dove head first into the abyss of possibilities that await you. You gain velocity as your goals rush towards you relentlessly, at speeds that make you believe you will shatter upon impact. The wind draws twists your visage into grimaces as the forces of gravity pull you ever closer, and your heart skips more beats than you thought possible.

This was the plan, so what makes that adrenaline rush turn to fear?

Because in that moment of truth you forgot to seize what is available. In business the rip chord that engages the parachute and turns a maddening descent into an enjoyable exercise is preparation. When planning the jump, time and care is taken to ensure the equipment is top notch...more importantly, that you know how to use it.

So even if it's your first time taking the plunge, the guidance of the experts you employ and consult with will determine the final trajectory.

So listen to the instructor.

Check your gear.

Leap, then



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