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Plan It...Then Rock

"What's The Plan?"

A long time ago, someone told me to stay steadfast on my goals yet flexible in my methods. They then told me to keep my goals general yet to keep my morals specific.

Without me realizing it, I was given the basis of structure as I would know it. It started with me asking myself the question: what's my goal?

Before you write a plan you must know what you want the outcome to be. The problem with determining an outcome is our nature to think in extremes. Either what we want is too specific or too undefined. Setting goals is about being honest with yourself about what you value in life and ranking how much it means to you.

Once I had that hard talk with myself, it naturally took me to my next self observation regarding my morals. I had to ask myself how much my morals were based on my nature or my nurture. This helped me understand the differences between generational curses and the wisdom of the ancestors and forefathers.

Setting these boundaries for myself created the liner notes of every plan I wrote going forward. This became the guidelines of how I adapted to situations as they evolved in directions that either I foresaw or didn't.

These two constants became the foundation of everything I built, the concrete that was poured into any structure. What was built afterwards mattered not, because it was always going to be built on something I valued.

That's the only plan.

To plan enough where I'm not planning to fail,

But not planning so much that God laughs.


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